Selecting a Managed Print Service Provider: How can you do it with accuracy?

Managing bulk volume of hard copies of documents is probably the last thing that businesses would like to indulge in, in the present scenario. However, document management is an integral practice for every business, and this is why they prefer to deal with electronic documents. While there are many efficient document management software that help organize the documents in a central repository, from where users can access specific documents with ease, it often becomes difficult to keep a track of all the printing activities that take place within an organization. Managed print services is an advance service that business owners prefer to invest in these days. This service ensures control over all the printing tasks that are conducted at an organization.


MPS is a service by opting for which you can rest assured of the proper monitoring and management of organizational printing jobs. When you can keep a check on the printing activities and can also monitor those closely, it not only helps you cut the operational costs to a great extent, but also boost up the productivity significantly.

While the benefits of hiring managed print services are pretty obvious, it’s important to choose the service provider carefully. While doing the scanning for a reliable service provider keep it in mind choosing a company that offers exactly what you need would be the wisest decision. If you are not sure how can you finalize a service provider, here are some factors that you need to keep in mind –

  • Sharing the same goals – While signing the deal with a MPS provider, look for someone whose goals are quite similar to yours. For instance, if you look for result-driven strategies and love to focus on the final output, above everything, make sure your service provider also thinks in the same line. Ideally, it should be your target to optimize the print environment of your organization so that you can improve the employee productivity and ensure better end users experience. Remember that the MPS must have some tangible objectives and the ultimate objective should be to make the experience of printing hassle free.
  • Consistent performance – The service provider should design the MPS strategies in such a way that you can experience consistent improvement in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Check if they are ready to address the constantly evolving business requirements so that you can serve your target customers better and provide them with accurate workflow solutions. Consistency is always the core element for establishing a genuine structure for your business and a lack in that can disrupt your workflow to a great extent.
  • Assistance in Mobile printing – With the advancement of technology, most of the organizations have embraced mobile printing. If you are on the same boat, be sure to look for service providers who are experienced in mobile printing. They must provide you with smart strategies and services that are aligned with the expectations of your target customers. Mobile printing is a smart practice that allows users to print documents using mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. Also remember to check if they are familiar with the idea of BYOD printing if it’s a trend in your organization. Ultimately, it’s the function of the MPS providers to collaborate with users and ensure a smooth and flawless process.
  • Improved productivity – When you sign a deal with a MPS provider, you can expect to experience improved productivity. Apart from offering the generalized printing solutions, a MPS provider should help make the printing process more efficient and simpler. They should analyse the information regarding the printers to check if any sort of improvements can be made to the process. Like every other business, yours too, must have some unique requirements which should be treated individually. This is why, they should pay attention to the minute aspects and comprehend the loopholes of your printing environment. Based on that, they can craft tailor made strategies for you.

These are four of the most important aspects that you should keep in mind while planning to hire a managed print service provider. However, remember one of the main objectives of investing in MPS is to control and reduce the printing costs. Hence, make sure the service provider can ensure the same for you.


How to nail the task of choosing the most apt printer for your business

Right from SMBs to large scale businesses, multifunctionals are considered as absolute necessity everywhere. While a colour digital printer lets you handle all sorts of printing jobs, colour multifunctionals help you manage scanning, copying, and faxing apart from printing. This is why, investing in a printer or a multifunctional is one of the key agendas of the present day businesses. While the benefits of investing in a printer are quite obvious, it’s important to choose the right device. Since there are several printing technologies and each is suitable for different requirements, it’s a bit tricky to choose the most apt equipment for your business.


While it’s pretty obvious that you should consider your requirements thoroughly before investing into a particular device, you should also look for certain features in the device. Here is a list of some of the most essential features of a multifunctional; take a quick look before you start exploring the different options –

  • High sheet capacity – The term refers to the number of sheets or papers that can be stored in the paper tray of a printer. These papers are automatically used when you start printing a document. In case you need to print large volume of documents quite frequently, you should look for high sheet capacity.
  • Improved print speed – Print speed of a multifunctional device is usually measured by Copy per Minute. This determines how fast the device can print a certain amount of paper. If your organization needs to handle huge volume of printing jobs, you should look for a printing device with high speed.
  • Mobile printing – This is one of the most important features of the modern and innovative multifunctional devices. Devices that are equipped with mobile printing technology enable users to print from all sorts of wireless devices. A device that is connected through internet can be used for printing documents from anywhere. These devices are ideal for particularly those organizations that operate simultaneously from different branches and need to connect with employees who are working from remote locations. Moreover, these devices also prove to be extremely convenient for the users.
  • Better print resolution – The resolution of a printer is measured in DPI or Dots per Inch. This refers to the number of dots of ink that the printer is able to print over an inch. You need to keep it in mind that the higher the number of dots, the better the quality of print. If you are planning to print colour images or other colourful documents, be sure to opt for a device with high resolution.
  • Auto duplex printing – This is a unique feature of printers that ensures both side of a page will get printed automatically. The users don’t need to turn the page manually in order to make this happen. This is an extremely useful feature as this enables the users to print sustainably, as the amount of papers used is reduced to half.

Keeping these features in mind will surely help you choose the right printing device for your business.

Why You Should Be Interested To Invest In A Multifunctional Printer?

When businesses grow in size, their requirements keep on increasing alongside, and eventually they need to invest in an infrastructure that supports the growth perfectly. For instance, while SMBs can manage with printers, be it colour or black and white, it’s difficult for large corporate organizations to cope up with the multiple requirements using a basic printer. This is when they should invest in multifunctionals. These are smart devices that have been designed in such a way that these help perform multiple actions including printing, scanning, copying and sending faxes. In fact, there are also some businesses who think it’s wiser to invest in digital duplicators/priports. These devices are smart enough to print documents in different sizes, without compromising the quality. These devices are considered to be quite cost effective solutions which help improve the productivity of organizations, by offering high volume of copying at a high speed.

If your business is undergoing a phase of growth, and you are struggling a lot to cope up with the everyday needs, this is probably the high time to invest in a high end MFP. Not sure, why you need to do this? Here are some of the most interesting reasons –

  • Space saving – While investing in a multifunctional device, this is probably the best benefit to enjoy. Instead of arranging space for four different devices for printing, scanning, copying and sending faxes, you can handle it with one single device, and can save a lot of space. This seems to be extremely beneficial for those who are trying hard to make the most of the entire office space. The saved space can definitely be used for some other requirements more wisely.
  • Cost effective – Although the upfront cost of a MFP is a bit higher, it helps organizations save a lot of money in the long run. Since a single device can perform the functions of three or four devices together, the initial purchase price gets slashed down to a great extent. At the same time, the maintenance costs for one single device is way lesser than what you have to pay for maintaining four different devices. Hence, the repair jobs and fixes become less expensive.
  • Ease of use & convenience – If you have been using a traditional printer at your business, it surely doesn’t offer you the functions or features that an A3 colour MFP would include. These devices help you print documents in both A3 and A4 size, apart from performing the other tasks. In fact, if your business doesn’t require too much of colour printing, you can also consider investing in an A3 mono MFP. These machines are perfect for black & white printing requirements for both A3 and A4 documents.

While these are the most compelling reasons to invest in colour or black and white MFPs, you should also keep in mind that these smart devices help you save a lot of energy as well. Usually, these devices need just a single cord to power the entire unit, reducing the chances of cable clutter and minimizing the power consumption to a fair extent.

How A Colour Laser MFP Could Be An Interesting Investment For Your Business?

Multifunction printers, especially those that are colour and lasers are surely a big hit in the present market scenario since these new age devices help perform a lot of activities within a short time span. These advance devices offer all the benefits of the black and white printers, ensuring the competitive advantage of colour. According to industry experts, multifunction laser printers act as perfect solutions for creating, communicating, collaborating and of course, going environment friendly. Over the past few years, these heavy duty printers have become gradually popular and there are significant reasons for that.


If you are planning to buy multifunction colour laser printer in India, you have taken an absolutely right decision. This is mainly because there are many experienced manufacturers who design and develop high end colour laser printers and offer these at reasonable prices. If you are still not sure whether or not to invest in these high end devices, you should be clearly aware of the significant reasons why SMBs as well as large scale organizations prefer to invest into these.

Wondering how these new age devices help you create, collaborate and communicate and go environment friendly? Here are the answers –

  • Communication – One of the most beautiful facts about the multi-function printers is that these devices get easily integrated with the existing network of any business organization. This ensures your employees don’t need a prolonged start-up training. In fact, most of these devices come with wizards and software that guide the users through troubleshooting, installation, and upgrades. This helps you make the best possible utilization of all your resources. These devices help you communicate the accurate information to your clients at the right time. This also helps you communicate regarding the status of the jobs to the IT administrators. You can also simplify the management of services, supplies and support by selecting a colour laser MFP.
  • Creation – With a colour laser MFP, you can ensure strategic use of colour which helps boost up the effectiveness and impact of the printed documents. This is true since people, in general, pay more attention to colour documents as compared to black and white documents. In fact, according to several studies, eye-catching colours also help increase the comprehensiveness to a great extent.
  • Collaboration – A centrally located colour laser MFP surely ensures enhanced collaboration. Using this device, all your employees can complete complicated official functions like scanning, faxing and printing without accessing multiple devices. You can also ensure improved workflow by converting the paper documents into digitized files. A colour laser MFP also helps you organize, edit and archive all paper documents in a streamlined fashion.
  • Going environment friendly – This is probably the most significant reason why colour laser MFPs are so popular amongst business owners. This helps ensure reduced energy cost and consumption. By reducing the number of papers, cables and additional electrical data ports and outlets, you will be able to go green perfectly. Moreover, you can also streamline the entire workflow.

These are some of the most interesting ways in which a colour laser multi-function printer helps perform a lot of actions.

What features should you expect in a colour label printer?

Colour labels have always been one of the most attractive components of packaging. No matter whether you are selling soft drinks to a wide range of customers or you manufacture garments, labelling those products effectively is one of the most challenging tasks. After all, it’s the label of a product that tells about the features of the product and customers are attracted to a particular product by taking a look at its label. Keeping the huge demand of colour labels, manufacturers focus on designing and manufacturing high end colour label printers that are dedicated for printing colour labels. These devices enable users to print high quality and attractive colour labels within a short time span. This helps users handle the packaging process with ease.

If you are planning to print the colour labels for your business, on your own, it would be great to invest in a high end colour label printer. While looking for a colour label printer, India is a must visit place. There are many printer manufacturers who will be able to provide you with high end colour label printers at unbeatable price. In fact, these providers also offer other high quality devices like multi-function printers and short throw projectors. However, while choosing a particular colour printer, you should follow a checklist of features. This will help you find the right product for your business. Here is a list of features that a colour printer must have –

  • Fast operation – One of the major reasons why business owners prefer to invest in efficient colour label printers is that they want to get the labels printed faster. Hence, this is one of the most important features that you should look for while selecting a colour label printer. There are many models that can print the short labels quickly, ensuring that the users can increase the production of the printers. Whether you are going to print only a few labels or you are planning to get thousands of labels printed at once, the speed should be same in both the case.
  • Outstanding print quality – One of the major differences that the users can experience while using a colour label printer is the quality of print. As compared to a desktop label printer, a colour label printer ensures way better print quality of the labels. Since these printers are equipped with advance inkjet technology, these deliver labels with sharp texts and clear graphics. As a result of this, the labels are extremely photo-realistic.
  • Cost-effective to maintain and operate – While buying a high end device for your business or home, you should take a look at its maintenance and operational cost as well. Most of the colour label printers are equipped with individual inks for different colours like cyan, yellow, black and magenta. This ensures the users just need to replace the ink cartridge as and when required, and there is no need to replace the entire cartridge. This not only helps save a huge amount of money, but also ensures a greener practice.


These are some of the must-have features of a colour label printer. Hence, be sure to look for these features closely while making the final selection.

Ricoh SP C252DN an impressive color laser printer

The Ricoh SP C252DN color laser printer offers reliable no-compromise performance. It is productive, economical and is designed for professionals and busy workgroups, combining quality color, reliability and low running costs. With fast print speeds, double-sided printing and wireless networking the SP C252DN laser printers model is an excellent WiFi color print solution, supporting wireless printing from smartphones and tablet computers.


Productive features in a small footprint – Color print speeds of 20 pages per minute let you enjoy superb quality 2,400 x 600dpi resolution. The printer driver offers advanced features like electronic sorting and booklet printing. What’s more, larger print jobs won’t slow down your PC or network due to enhanced printer technology.

Greater economy and low total cost of ownership – the energy consumption is just 1.3 kW, double-sided printing and Economy Color mode, these machines offer greater economy. With a robust design and long-life components, they are built to last. Their duty of 65,000 pages per month ensures peak print volumes are matched seamlessly for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Scan, copy, fax and print with the SP C252SF- Maximize your return on investment and enhance your communications with an MFP device. Speedy full color scanning in only 7.9 seconds at up to 600 x 300 dpi, G3 fax capability and seamless document copying ensure you have total document control at a fraction of the cost of separate machines.

Mobile printing from smartphones – Ricoh SP C250DN/SP C252SF laser printers offer true flexibility, with USB 2.0 and wired and wireless network connectivity as standard. For the ultimate in timesaving convenience, you can even print from a smartphone or tablet using the Ricoh Smart Print & Scan app1.

 Both the laser printers support wireless printing and scanning from smartphones and tablet computers. The waiting time is less due to speed 14 seconds first page out for maximum convenience. It is flexible with wired and wireless network connectivity. Enjoy effortless printing with Ricoh Smart Print & Scan mobile print app and Eco compliant Energy Star 2.0 accreditation.

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