How a MFD Printer can prove to be beneficial for a small business?

If you are a small or medium business owner, you must be familiar with the process of keeping a close eye on the overall company budget. Whether you are planning to make some capital investments, or thinking of buying some new office supplies, you should take the decision keeping the budget in focus. It goes without any doubt that printers are one of the most important devices in any office setup and a MFD printer is an advance device that allows you to perform other actions apart from printing. Instead of depending on multiple devices for different actions, you should consider investing in a MFD as this meets your multiple requirements.

Investing in a MFD is surely an expensive affair and since yours is a small business, it’s pretty obvious to figure out whether or not the investment is wise enough.

Although multifunctionals are more popular with large corporate house, it’s really surprising to know that small businesses, too, can benefit from these powerful devices –

· Easy inventory management — While you deal with a scanner, a printer, a copier and a fax machine separately, you need to arrange the supplies for those devices from different manufacturers, keeping in mind all the different models and makes of all the devices. If you invest in a MFD printer, it will be easier for you to collect all the supplies from a single vendor.

· Enhanced functionality — With the increasing popularity of cloud computing and email, the use of fax machines has noticeably reduced across businesses. Instead of using a fax machine separately, you can handle all the faxing jobs using a MFD printer with fax card. These devices are equipped with faxing facilities which allow your employees to send and receive faxes, as and when required. You can save a lot of money as well as utilize the functionalities of a scanner by investing in a MFD printer.

· Improved cost savings — While purchasing a new device for your business, it’s important to keep a note of the monthly budget and income-expense flow. Although the initial upfront cost of a MFD printer is slightly higher, it would benefit you to a great extent if you think in terms of long run. As a business owner, you will be able to stretch the investment according to your convenience and utilize the savings for other core business functions. Even if the investment for a MFP looks higher than a standalone copier, scanner or printer, all these functions can be performed through one compact unit of a MFP.

· Saved physical space — With a MFD printer, it’s easier to save the physical space that you need to keep the individual scanner, copier, printer and fax machine. If you can arrange a small area for the MFD, it will help you keep the compact unit in that particular place. The amount of space that you manage to save can be used for other business purposes. This will, in turn, help you improve the overall productivity of the business.

These are some of the most notable benefits that small and medium businesses can make use of by investing in a MFD printer.


Why users need to invest in a black & white MFD right now?

With the constantly ongoing technological evolution, multiple high end devices are being designed and launched every year. Multifunction devices are one of the most notable outcome of this evolution. These all-in-one devices have been designed with an aim to eliminate the requirement for individual scanner, printer, copier and fax machines. A MFD is a perfect combination of all these machines into a single equipment. According to industry experts, investing in a MFD is a wise decision since this helps businesses to cut the operational cost to a great extent as well as save a lot of time.


If you are in doubt whether or not to opt for a black & white MFD, here are some of the most relevant benefits that you need to take a look at –

  • Minimized operational cost – Since you need to invest only in a single device, it gets easier to manage the cost. As you don’t have to purchase a lot of printers and fax machines together, you don’t have to face a large upfront cost initially. You can easily manage with one multifunction device for every department or every floor. The money you save can be used for other core business functions, which will, in turn, help you improve the overall productivity.
  • Saved physical space – If you have been running a small or medium business within a restricted space since a long period of time, and you are not planning to expand your business right now, investing in black & white multifunctionals would be a wise decision for you. Since these devices help save a lot of floor space, you can utilize that space strategically for keeping other devices that help in the core functions of your business.
  • Improved flexibility and speed – Whether it’s a large corporate house or a small business, every business looks for improved speed and functionalities. Usually, MFPs operate way faster than regular printing devices. Since these devices are equipped with multitasking facilities, it helps maintain the high speed of the functions that it can perform. In fact, there are certain devices that can even perform all the functions simultaneously and enable users to control all the tasks efficiently. These devices are also quite flexible as the users can choose which action to perform when.
  • Reduced energy consumption – When you invest in multifunctionals, you need only one cord to power the device. This surely leads to reduced energy consumption as there is only a single device to consume power instead of 4 separate devices. A single multifunctional device also helps reduce the cable congestion within the office premise, ensuring a smooth work atmosphere. When you manage to reduce the power consumption, you can cut the costs to a certain extent.

These are some of the most vital reasons why users should purchase black and white MFDs. Since these devices are designed and manufactured following advance technologies, these ensure absolutely convenient action for the users. Most importantly, these high end devices help users perform different actions with absolute ease.

3 Reasons you should invest in a colour multifunctional

Printers have always been a key component of any business infrastructure. And now gone are the days when businesses used to use only printing devices. With the changing requirement, businesses now prefer to invest in multifunctional that help them perform a number of tasks including printing, copying, scanning and faxing – all from one single device. These devices enable users to print high quality and attractive materials within a short time span, apart from performing the other actions.

colour multifunctional-printer-ricoh

If you are planning to invest in a printer or a multifunctional, you should check out all the available options thoroughly. There are many manufacturers who will be able to provide you with high end printers and multifunctionals at unbeatable price. However, if you are not convinced enough why exactly you need to invest in a printer, here are some of the important reasons –

  • Fast operation – One of the major reasons why business owners prefer to invest in efficient printers is that they want to get the materials printed faster. In fact, this is one of the most important features that you should look for while selecting a printer. There are many models that can print quickly, ensuring that the users can increase the production of the printers. Be sure to clear about your requirements while looking for a printer and search for the speed accordingly. If you need to print huge volume of documents at a fast pace, be sure to invest in a printer that features high speed.
  • Outstanding print quality – One of the major differences that the users can experience while using a multifunctional is the quality of print. As compared to the old modelled printers, a multifunctional ensures way better print quality. Since these are equipped with advance inkjet technology, these deliver products with sharp texts and clear graphics. As a result of this, the outputs are extremely photo-realistic. Make sure you check out the print quality of different models thoroughly before investing in a specific model.
  • Cost-effective to maintain and operate – While buying a high end device for your own business, you should take a look at its maintenance and operational cost as well. Most of the colour printers are equipped with individual inks for different colours like cyan, yellow, black and magenta. This ensures the users just need to replace the ink cartridge as and when required, and there is no need to replace the entire cartridge. This not only helps save a huge amount of money, but also ensures a greener practice.

These are some of the most important reasons to invest in a colour printer or a multifunctional. Be sure to define your requirements before you hit the market. For, this is what will help you decide between a high end multifunctional and a printer. In case, your business involves handling tasks like scanning and copying, apart from printing, investing in a multifunctional would be a wise decision. An investment like this also helps cut cost and save money in the long run.


How A Colour Laser MFP Could Be An Interesting Investment For Your Business?

Multifunction printers, especially those that are colour and lasers are surely a big hit in the present market scenario since these new age devices help perform a lot of activities within a short time span. These advance devices offer all the benefits of the black and white printers, ensuring the competitive advantage of colour. According to industry experts, multifunction laser printers act as perfect solutions for creating, communicating, collaborating and of course, going environment friendly. Over the past few years, these heavy duty printers have become gradually popular and there are significant reasons for that.


If you are planning to buy multifunction colour laser printer in India, you have taken an absolutely right decision. This is mainly because there are many experienced manufacturers who design and develop high end colour laser printers and offer these at reasonable prices. If you are still not sure whether or not to invest in these high end devices, you should be clearly aware of the significant reasons why SMBs as well as large scale organizations prefer to invest into these.

Wondering how these new age devices help you create, collaborate and communicate and go environment friendly? Here are the answers –

  • Communication – One of the most beautiful facts about the multi-function printers is that these devices get easily integrated with the existing network of any business organization. This ensures your employees don’t need a prolonged start-up training. In fact, most of these devices come with wizards and software that guide the users through troubleshooting, installation, and upgrades. This helps you make the best possible utilization of all your resources. These devices help you communicate the accurate information to your clients at the right time. This also helps you communicate regarding the status of the jobs to the IT administrators. You can also simplify the management of services, supplies and support by selecting a colour laser MFP.
  • Creation – With a colour laser MFP, you can ensure strategic use of colour which helps boost up the effectiveness and impact of the printed documents. This is true since people, in general, pay more attention to colour documents as compared to black and white documents. In fact, according to several studies, eye-catching colours also help increase the comprehensiveness to a great extent.
  • Collaboration – A centrally located colour laser MFP surely ensures enhanced collaboration. Using this device, all your employees can complete complicated official functions like scanning, faxing and printing without accessing multiple devices. You can also ensure improved workflow by converting the paper documents into digitized files. A colour laser MFP also helps you organize, edit and archive all paper documents in a streamlined fashion.
  • Going environment friendly – This is probably the most significant reason why colour laser MFPs are so popular amongst business owners. This helps ensure reduced energy cost and consumption. By reducing the number of papers, cables and additional electrical data ports and outlets, you will be able to go green perfectly. Moreover, you can also streamline the entire workflow.

These are some of the most interesting ways in which a colour laser multi-function printer helps perform a lot of actions.

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