Selecting a Managed Print Service Provider: How can you do it with accuracy?

Managing bulk volume of hard copies of documents is probably the last thing that businesses would like to indulge in, in the present scenario. However, document management is an integral practice for every business, and this is why they prefer to deal with electronic documents. While there are many efficient document management software that help organize the documents in a central repository, from where users can access specific documents with ease, it often becomes difficult to keep a track of all the printing activities that take place within an organization. Managed print services is an advance service that business owners prefer to invest in these days. This service ensures control over all the printing tasks that are conducted at an organization.


MPS is a service by opting for which you can rest assured of the proper monitoring and management of organizational printing jobs. When you can keep a check on the printing activities and can also monitor those closely, it not only helps you cut the operational costs to a great extent, but also boost up the productivity significantly.

While the benefits of hiring managed print services are pretty obvious, it’s important to choose the service provider carefully. While doing the scanning for a reliable service provider keep it in mind choosing a company that offers exactly what you need would be the wisest decision. If you are not sure how can you finalize a service provider, here are some factors that you need to keep in mind –

  • Sharing the same goals – While signing the deal with a MPS provider, look for someone whose goals are quite similar to yours. For instance, if you look for result-driven strategies and love to focus on the final output, above everything, make sure your service provider also thinks in the same line. Ideally, it should be your target to optimize the print environment of your organization so that you can improve the employee productivity and ensure better end users experience. Remember that the MPS must have some tangible objectives and the ultimate objective should be to make the experience of printing hassle free.
  • Consistent performance – The service provider should design the MPS strategies in such a way that you can experience consistent improvement in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Check if they are ready to address the constantly evolving business requirements so that you can serve your target customers better and provide them with accurate workflow solutions. Consistency is always the core element for establishing a genuine structure for your business and a lack in that can disrupt your workflow to a great extent.
  • Assistance in Mobile printing – With the advancement of technology, most of the organizations have embraced mobile printing. If you are on the same boat, be sure to look for service providers who are experienced in mobile printing. They must provide you with smart strategies and services that are aligned with the expectations of your target customers. Mobile printing is a smart practice that allows users to print documents using mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. Also remember to check if they are familiar with the idea of BYOD printing if it’s a trend in your organization. Ultimately, it’s the function of the MPS providers to collaborate with users and ensure a smooth and flawless process.
  • Improved productivity – When you sign a deal with a MPS provider, you can expect to experience improved productivity. Apart from offering the generalized printing solutions, a MPS provider should help make the printing process more efficient and simpler. They should analyse the information regarding the printers to check if any sort of improvements can be made to the process. Like every other business, yours too, must have some unique requirements which should be treated individually. This is why, they should pay attention to the minute aspects and comprehend the loopholes of your printing environment. Based on that, they can craft tailor made strategies for you.

These are four of the most important aspects that you should keep in mind while planning to hire a managed print service provider. However, remember one of the main objectives of investing in MPS is to control and reduce the printing costs. Hence, make sure the service provider can ensure the same for you.


How can you recognize the most efficient Managed Print Services Provider?

Gaining complete visibility and taking control over the entire printing job is an important requirement for all the business organizations in the present scenario. It’s true that in order to run a business successfully, you need to follow certain practices religiously and it is one of those practices. Keeping a check of the printing activities and monitoring those closely help a business owner not only save a great deal of money but also boost up the productivity to a significant extent. This is why businesses these days prefer to opt for Managed Print Services (MPS) wherein they can rest assured of the proper monitoring and management of organizational printing jobs. Moreover, these service providers also help ensure environmental sustainability and document security.

While it’s customary for a reliable service provider to provide you with all the essential services, it’s important to check the details well in advance from your end. While signing the deal with a service provider, make sure you are assured of their credibility. Here is a checklist of factors following which you will be able to figure out whether or not a service provider is going to provide you with all your requirements –

  • How do they proceed? – First off, you need to check with them how exactly they are going to deal with your business requirements. It’s advisable to analyse the overall printing agenda of your business and then come up with some tailor-made solutions. They should conduct a minute and up-front assessment so that they can understand the existing printing architecture properly. Remember the fact that they should monitor, manage and optimize the entire print output environment thoroughly.
  • Are they ready to customize? – Although there are certain basic solutions that are applicable for all businesses, your business must have some unique requirements. Figure out if they are willing to recognize that requirement and provide you with the relevant solutions accordingly. Make sure they are ready to figure out the potential problems and ensure the supplies according to your exact business requirement. Ask if they will provide you with a definite roadmap following which you will be able to reduce the type and number of printing devices that are being used currently.
  • How are they going to improve your business? – The service provider should help you reduce the environmental footprint by ensuring less energy consumption and less paper prints. They should also make it a point to improve the business processes so that you can save both money and time. It’s customary for a reliable service provider to ensure secure and easy printing access for your mobile workers. Also check if they will help train your employees regarding MPS so that they can experience a smooth transition through change management.

These are some of the most important factors following which you will be able to find the most reliable MPS provider. Be sure to check if they offer IT integration and network management. If required, you can also check if they have a proven track record of deploying the managed print services successfully

How should you proceed while opting for MDS/Managed Document Services?

MDS/Managed Document Services is one of the most popular services of the recent time as a large number of businesses have been benefitted using this smart service. The business benefits that an organization can enjoy using this service are quite significant. Right from optimizing the workflow and processes to save time and money, opting for a managed document service helps you in a number of ways. There is no doubt regarding the fact that SMBs as well as large corporates can benefit to a great extent by investing in MDS. Since managed document services is integrally related with the print environment of your office, you can also consider checking out MPS/managed Print Services. In fact, smart services like pay per print is also considered to be beneficial enough for organizations that need to handle moderate volume of printing assignments.

However, if you are planning to invest in a managed document service, you must be capable to take the right decision so that you can maximize the office efficiency and save the print cost to a significant extent. Hence, it’s important to consider certain factors while looking for a managed document service –

  • Proper assessment – In order to reap the maximum possible benefits of a managed document service, you need to assess the actual document management needs of your organization. It’s customary for a reliable service provider to investigate the entire workflow of your organization so that they can have a fair understanding of the requirement. During the procedure, they should check the usage pattern and workflow. They should also identify and examine the hardware that are already in use. Based on this assessment, they will be able to calculate the costs that are associated with the entire operation.
  • Accurate design – Design is one of the most integral factors to make a managed document service plan successful. The service provider should provide you with a group of team members whose responsibility will be to investigate the work culture of our organization, and to come up with a clearly defined route map based on the evaluation. They should be able to create a detailed document that reflects a clear outline. This should be designed in a way so that maximum print cost savings can be ensured and you can achieve sustainable benefits for your business.
  • Smooth implementation – One of the most important ways to make a document management service plan successful is to ensure smooth implementation of workflow solutions and software, along with effective technology. While conducting these measures, you should ensure that these are supported by on-going training from experts. This helps keep your entire workforce engaged properly. This also ensures that they are committed to the new processes, which, in turn, helps boost up the overall organizational productivity.

If you can rightly choose a managed document service provider who follows the aforementioned principles, there are high chances that your business will benefit from it. A service like this will help control the print output, as well as improve the overall productivity.