How A Colour Laser MFP Could Be An Interesting Investment For Your Business?

Multifunction printers, especially those that are colour and lasers are surely a big hit in the present market scenario since these new age devices help perform a lot of activities within a short time span. These advance devices offer all the benefits of the black and white printers, ensuring the competitive advantage of colour. According to industry experts, multifunction laser printers act as perfect solutions for creating, communicating, collaborating and of course, going environment friendly. Over the past few years, these heavy duty printers have become gradually popular and there are significant reasons for that.


If you are planning to buy multifunction colour laser printer in India, you have taken an absolutely right decision. This is mainly because there are many experienced manufacturers who design and develop high end colour laser printers and offer these at reasonable prices. If you are still not sure whether or not to invest in these high end devices, you should be clearly aware of the significant reasons why SMBs as well as large scale organizations prefer to invest into these.

Wondering how these new age devices help you create, collaborate and communicate and go environment friendly? Here are the answers –

  • Communication – One of the most beautiful facts about the multi-function printers is that these devices get easily integrated with the existing network of any business organization. This ensures your employees don’t need a prolonged start-up training. In fact, most of these devices come with wizards and software that guide the users through troubleshooting, installation, and upgrades. This helps you make the best possible utilization of all your resources. These devices help you communicate the accurate information to your clients at the right time. This also helps you communicate regarding the status of the jobs to the IT administrators. You can also simplify the management of services, supplies and support by selecting a colour laser MFP.
  • Creation – With a colour laser MFP, you can ensure strategic use of colour which helps boost up the effectiveness and impact of the printed documents. This is true since people, in general, pay more attention to colour documents as compared to black and white documents. In fact, according to several studies, eye-catching colours also help increase the comprehensiveness to a great extent.
  • Collaboration – A centrally located colour laser MFP surely ensures enhanced collaboration. Using this device, all your employees can complete complicated official functions like scanning, faxing and printing without accessing multiple devices. You can also ensure improved workflow by converting the paper documents into digitized files. A colour laser MFP also helps you organize, edit and archive all paper documents in a streamlined fashion.
  • Going environment friendly – This is probably the most significant reason why colour laser MFPs are so popular amongst business owners. This helps ensure reduced energy cost and consumption. By reducing the number of papers, cables and additional electrical data ports and outlets, you will be able to go green perfectly. Moreover, you can also streamline the entire workflow.

These are some of the most interesting ways in which a colour laser multi-function printer helps perform a lot of actions.


Multifunction Printers

Today when it comes to switching the printing as per the changing requirements, the business owners are looking for products which is reliable, flexible, and efficient yet at the same time is eco – friendly. In addition they are looking at products which reduces network traffic, saves space and enable them to standardize their printing fleet. In order to meet these requirements, the widely popular solution is of multifunction-printers (MFP).


A multifunction printer (MFP) is a compact and robust device which consolidates all three features of printer, scanner and copier making it a profitable and cost effective. Thus today MFP is widely seen as one stop solution for customers.

The evolved MFP allows one to connect through mobile devices or one could take a print by sending an email to device from anywhere.

Some of the advantages that Multifunction Printer offers are-:

  • Convenience – A multifunction printer is a 3 in 1 solution provider. For example one may not have purchased separate fax machine as it is not required regularly, however if there is a requirement a multifunction printer one could use the fax facility instead of investing later. Moreover it also provide the facility to scan an image and then with the same machine one could take the print that image.
  • Space Saving – One of the greatest benefits is space saving by installing multifunction printer. With a single machine, one could do printing, scanning, fax, copying and hence no need of installing 4 different machines. Thus make most of the available space and use it accordingly.
  • Cost saving – Another significant advantage of purchasing multifunction printer that with one device multiple facilities are provided. Though the multifunction printer can be expensive than a traditional printer however the total cost of purchasing different devices for multiple functions will be more expensive than purchasing multifunction printer. Last but not the least maintain one device will be less than maintain multiple devices for various functions
  • Power Saving – Typically, one requires one cord to operate multifunction printers which thereby reduces the cable congestion. Thus reducing the electricity to run the device.

This category has witnessed phenomenal growth due to increase acceptance from homes, SMEs etc and will continue growing due to many advantages attached to it.

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