Top 3 factors you should consider while buying black & white MFPs

A multifunction printer is one of the most used and smartest devices, popular around the globe, across different industries. Often referred to as an MFP, this device consolidates the functionalities of a copier, printer, scanner, and fax into one single device. Over the past few years, these smart devices have become a common choice for most of the businesses. This is applicable for especially those businesses that want to reduce the costs, improve their workflow and consolidates assets.

black-&-white MFPs-Ricoh-India

If you are looking for a smart multifunction printer for your business, you would surely like to make an informed decision so that you can strategize the best possible ROI. This is why, it’s important to consider the major factors before you invest in black & white MFPs. Here are some of the major factors that you need to keep in mind before buying a multifunction printer –

  • Analyse the value benefits and TCO – While evaluating a multifunction printer, be sure to look at the cost of the initial hardware. Apart from this, you should also be aware of several other costs which include the cost of supplies. There are certain devices that are quite difficult to use as well as maintain, or lack the capability to produce the expected results effectively and efficiently. The TCO or Total Cost of Ownership often gets increased for devices like these. Hence, be sure to check out all the factors thoroughly before making the final selection.
  • Know your exact requirements – This is one of the first and foremost things to do once you decide to invest in a black & white MFP. You should have a clear idea about what you want the device to do for yourself as well as your end users. Think clearly that apart from copying and printing, what other purposes it should serve. Would you like the MFP to reduce the usage of papers, manage the documents, simplify the workflow or manage the forms? How many print, fax, copy, email or scan jobs will you need to run every day? These are some of the questions asking which will help you get an idea about your exact requirements. Only after knowing the specific business needs, you will be able to find the most apt multifunction printer for your business.
  • Know the ease of use of the device – A multifunction printer that is quite easy to use can turn out to be a blessing for your business. You can simply prevent the bottlenecks and reduce your costs for employees by investing in an MFP that is simple to operate. While looking for a smart device like this, be sure to invest in a machine that is equipped with features like intuitive user interface, easily accessible online documentation and minimal training requirements. Also check if the manufacturer provides service and support coverage.

Apart from these, you should always keep it in mind that using unbranded cartridges might impact the life of the printing device adversely. Hence, always be sure to buy genuine cartridges through OEMs. These are the major three factors that you should thoroughly consider while buying a black & white MFP. Also, be sure to think about all the major factors so that you can make an informed decision.