Why the future of Mobile Printing/ Printing from Mobile is quite bright?

Mobile Printing/ Printing from Mobile is one of the latest technologies that have grown extremely popular in the recent time. With the increased use of mobile devices across different industries, the need for mobile printing has become quite obvious. Mobile printing is a smart solution that enables users to print from any mobile device as well as any printer that is web-enabled and networked. Using this service, users can print photos, emails, documents, web pages and any other printable file. And they can do this from their tablet, laptop or mobile phone. Apart from helping you in tricky situations, mobile printing offers a lot of convenience to a business organization as well.


In the present era, when most businesses follow technology driven environment, employees prefer to work using mobile devices, from their convenient locations. Usually, most of the time, the employees of an organization work on the desktops or laptops that are connected to the network. However, with a mobile printing solution, you can enable your employees to work using any mobile device even when they are away from their desks.  The future of BYOD Printing/Bring Your Own Device Printing is quite bright and if you want to know the reasons, here are some –

  • Print from anywhere – With a robust mobile printing service, you can print your documents securely and easily from anywhere you want. Depending upon your needs, a mobile printing solution lets you print through any printer, from any platform. All your employees can connect their mobile devices to the cloud platform you use. The entire operation gets handled on its own, and you don’t need to take any hassle.
  • Print when you require – Using your mobile device, you can print at school, work, home or even while on the go! Quite obviously, the mobile device you use, connects you to files, images, business documents and emails. What happens if you need to print any of these suddenly and you are not in a state to access the system in which these are stored. This is where a reliable mobile printing solution comes to your rescue. By using apps that enable easy mobile printing, you can get documents printed with a simple push of a button. Be it a PDF, a web page, a photo, an email or a few attachments, you can get it printed without any hassle.
  • Multiple connectivity options – While investing in mobile printing, business owners can experience smooth connectivity since these devices are equipped with multiple connectivity options. The built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi help users print from multiple devices, and that too, without the hassle of wires.

Apart from these, mobile printing solutions are usually compatible with most of the operating systems, ensuring easy integration with the OS that your business uses. However, while opting for this solution, make sure you know your requirements clearly. If you are planning to invest in the service of a particular service provider, be sure to check the services and pricing offered by other providers as well. A thorough market survey will also help you understand the ongoing market trends.


Why businesses should opt for Managed Print Services without any doubt?

If you are running a business and you think that you have successfully reduced all the unnecessary expenses, this might be the high time to rethink about it. In the present scenario, using printing devices at a business organization is an obvious matter and quite unfortunately, most of the companies fail to recognize the huge costs that are associated with the printing and imaging systems, and as a result, they have to suffer a lot. Most importantly, this cost is preventable and organizations can easily manage this cost by paying attention to minute details. Well, there are certain organizations for whom it is bit difficult to manage this entire aspect on their own and that is why, for them it’s wiser to opt for managed print services.


If you are looking for an alternative solution, you can also consider checking out PaaS/Printer as a Service. However, remember to check whether or not the service provider offers pay per print benefit as this proves to be very economic for businesses. In this system all you need to do is pay according to what you print. This ensures you don’t need to block a lump sum amount of money right at the beginning as an initial investment.

Businesses these days prefer to invest in smart services that help them minimize the operational costs and MPS/ managed print services is one such service that has gained immense popularity over the past few years. This solution also helps businesses achieve their overall goals and streamline the printing related business processes. This, in turn, helps boost up the productivity and efficiency of the business. If you have already heard a lot about this service, but not sure whether or not to opt for it, here are some of the most vital reasons to look at –

  • Reduced printer fleet – One of the major benefits of investing in managed print service is that it helps reduce the TCO or total cost of ownership for all the devices in the print environment of your business. If you are unable to figure out which devices cause most of the downtime or which device contributes to the cost mostly, it’s high time to invest in MPS. A service like this can provide you with all the vital information that you require in order to consolidate the printer fleet effectively. Eventually, this will help you get rid of all the unrequired devices. You will also be able to trace and replace devices that are already excessively used.
  • Enhanced security – With the advancement of technology, most businesses use devices that are equipped with in-built security methods like user authentication and activity tracking. However, this doesn’t prove to be sufficient always. By opting for a reliable managed print service, you can ensure an additional level of security for your business. You can make use of comprehensive permissions and device encryption. By doing this, you can ensure that users can have access only to the information they need.
  • Better control and accountability – With a robust MPS solution, you can experience improved control over the print environment of your business. Since you will gain more insights into the printing activities of your employees, this will help you develop the further processes in a more definite way. You will also be able to create reports based on the data that you receive and ensure service fulfilment and proactive supply for all the users.
  • Increased efficiency – One of the most prominent advantages of investing in MPS is that you can achieve increased efficiency even from remote locations. This ensures you can do more with less and explore the potential of your resources to the fullest. For instance, you don’t need to spend money or time visiting the customer sites in order to collect the essentials. Instead, you can manage everything at your convenience, using a MPS solution. Managed printing service will help simplify the device management process as well as increase the bottom line. Most importantly, you will also be able to save money to a great extent.
  • Minimized environmental impact – MPS can help you restrict the paper usage to a certain extent and reduce the amount of wasted supplies. Moreover, if planned strategically, you will also be able to lower the electrical consumption by consolidating the devices. there are also many advance solutions that help reverse calculate the paper consumption so that the final impact on the environment can be determined well in advance, and if required, the impact can further be reduced by planting new trees.
  • Reduced print volume – In case your business is not using a document management solution already, you will be highly benefitted by implementing a MPS. A solution like this gives you access to in-depth data regarding all the print activities that are taking place. This, in turn, enables you to optimize the processes and help you cut down on the wasted supplies. As a result of this, you will be able to adjust the print practices based on your requirement.
  • Effective remote management – With a Managed print solution, you will be able to expand the service areas and cater to new target customers. When you opt for a reliable MPS solution, you will be provided with smooth and easy remote access to the users’ activities. This will ensure hassle free supplies fulfilment, remote remediation, meter collection and billing, and many other things.

Getting started with a MPS solution might prove to be a bit challenging for your business in the initial phase, but it definitely has its own set of advantages that might prove to be beneficial for your business in the long run. Never forget to look out for multiple options before you sign the deal with any one service provider. This is quite significant since the offerings vary to a great extent from one service provider to other. This will help you find and grab the best possible deal in the market. Make sure you check the references of the service provider with whom you finally sign the deal. Getting in touch with some of their previous or existing customers will help you get a fair idea regarding their after sales support and service.

Why should you invest in a Ricoh Duplex Printer?

Duplex printing is undoubtedly one of the most attractive features of the present day printing devices. Since this feature ensures automatic both side printing, it helps save a lot of money and time. Wondering how? Well, since the papers get turned over automatically and both the sides get printed, it reduces the amount of total required papers, thereby reducing the cost to a great extent. At the same time, these advance devices are designed following smart technology ensuring users don’t need to intervene in the process of printing and the entire process can be finished within a short span of time.


Investing in a duplex printer is a call of the need for most of the businesses in the present era. These smart and energy efficient devices are designed in a way so that these can cater to all the requirements of a business. Ricoh is a global leader in the printing industry and duplex printer is one of the many product chains in which they do have expertise. If you are checking out the wide range of product lines, offered by Ricoh, Duplex Printer is something that you must check out. Loaded with advance features, these compact devices are easy to maintain and operate.

Wondering why should you invest in a Ricoh Duplex printer? Here are the reasons then –

  • Easy connectivity – Equipped with built-in card slots and USB ports, Ricoh duplex printers are easy to fit in your existing network. One of the most amazing facts about a duplex printer from Ricoh is that, you don’t need to worry about setting it up within your business network. Moreover, you can send the different functions individually to the most appropriate network, ensuring you get the best possible output.
  • Automatic duplex printing – Quite obviously, this is one of the most significant reasons to invest in a duplex printer. The feature ensures both the sides of a paper get printed automatically without any manual intervention, thereby reducing the amount of money and time invested. With an advance feature like this, businesses can handle all the printing functions more quickly and efficiently.
  • Highly productive – These printing devices from Ricoh are highly productive and absolutely durable. Businesses that are running on a shoe string budget, can consider this as an affordable investment since they can enjoy an attractive cost per print. With a very minimum warm-up time, these printing devices can perform really fast, catering to all the emergencies of a business.
  • Reduced environmental impact – This is probably another important reason why businesses should prefer to invest in a duplex printer. Equipped with an advance features like sleep mode, automatic duplex printing, energy save mode and short warm-up time, these printing devices help minimize the environmental impact to a significant extent. Moreover, since these devices are Energy Star complaint, these produce less CO2 as compared to other conventional printers. Since less energy is required to run these, it’s easier to reduce the total impact on the environment.

These are some of the most important reasons why businesses should invest in a Ricoh Duplex Printer.

How should you proceed while opting for MDS/Managed Document Services?

MDS/Managed Document Services is one of the most popular services of the recent time as a large number of businesses have been benefitted using this smart service. The business benefits that an organization can enjoy using this service are quite significant. Right from optimizing the workflow and processes to save time and money, opting for a managed document service helps you in a number of ways. There is no doubt regarding the fact that SMBs as well as large corporates can benefit to a great extent by investing in MDS. Since managed document services is integrally related with the print environment of your office, you can also consider checking out MPS/managed Print Services. In fact, smart services like pay per print is also considered to be beneficial enough for organizations that need to handle moderate volume of printing assignments.

However, if you are planning to invest in a managed document service, you must be capable to take the right decision so that you can maximize the office efficiency and save the print cost to a significant extent. Hence, it’s important to consider certain factors while looking for a managed document service –

  • Proper assessment – In order to reap the maximum possible benefits of a managed document service, you need to assess the actual document management needs of your organization. It’s customary for a reliable service provider to investigate the entire workflow of your organization so that they can have a fair understanding of the requirement. During the procedure, they should check the usage pattern and workflow. They should also identify and examine the hardware that are already in use. Based on this assessment, they will be able to calculate the costs that are associated with the entire operation.
  • Accurate design – Design is one of the most integral factors to make a managed document service plan successful. The service provider should provide you with a group of team members whose responsibility will be to investigate the work culture of our organization, and to come up with a clearly defined route map based on the evaluation. They should be able to create a detailed document that reflects a clear outline. This should be designed in a way so that maximum print cost savings can be ensured and you can achieve sustainable benefits for your business.
  • Smooth implementation – One of the most important ways to make a document management service plan successful is to ensure smooth implementation of workflow solutions and software, along with effective technology. While conducting these measures, you should ensure that these are supported by on-going training from experts. This helps keep your entire workforce engaged properly. This also ensures that they are committed to the new processes, which, in turn, helps boost up the overall organizational productivity.

If you can rightly choose a managed document service provider who follows the aforementioned principles, there are high chances that your business will benefit from it. A service like this will help control the print output, as well as improve the overall productivity.

Workflow & Process Management Services: Why do you need to invest in it?

For businesses of all sizes, organized workflow and process management are undoubtedly the key pillars for achieving success. With a structured workflow, it becomes easier to run the everyday functions smoothly. Irrespective of size or industry, it’s crucial for every single business to have strong control over the workflow. Without an organized process management flow, it becomes almost impossible to continue with the business operations uninterruptedly. Keeping this fact in mind, there are many service providers who offer a robust workflow and process management solution to all its clients.  Right from scanning, handling and distributing documents to archiving those in designated folders, all the operations can be handled smoothly using these solutions.


Most of the workflow and process management services are designed to help businesses automate all sorts of business processes within an organisation. If you are wondering how these businesses perform, here is a brief overview –

  • It is ideal for the service provider to examine the existing systems and processes of a business in order to create the best possible solution.
  • These organizations usually try to ensure that their services meet the requirements of their clients perfectly.
  • In the present era, it’s a well-accepted fact that technology has a very big role to play, and hence, most of the organizations are equipped with a dedicated team of researchers who find out the ongoing technological trends.
  • Based on the effectiveness of those innovations, they suggest to integrate those with the existing working environment.
  • Next, they ensure that all those are supported by effective change management practices.
  • They also help enable authentication and security and generate usage reports for accounting or cost tracking purposes.

Let’s take a look at the benefits that businesses can experience by investing in workflow and process management services –

  • Reduced business cost and minimized risk – It’s a known fact that businesses try to avoid even the slightest error in the process of information management as these can prove to be extremely fatal in the long run. This is exactly where the fine-tuned solutions prove to be of huge help as these help minimize the risk of errors. With a robust service, businesses can complete critical processes using less labour and time. These organizations also help their clients comply with the relevant security regulations.
  • Improved infrastructure and greater productivity – With the tailor made workflow and process management services, businesses can achieve an improved infrastructure and increased productivity. Integrating the new applications with the existing workflows helps make the entire infrastructure of a business more responsive and agile. This, in turn, helps turn the workforce way more productive.
  • Better governance and information security – Protecting the information of the clients is a very important responsibility of every single business. These organizations maintain compliance with the key regulations, helping businesses protect the vital data securely. Whether it is digital data or the data resides on paper, they help keep all the important data absolutely safe.
  • Enhanced customer interactions – By enabling your business with robust process management practices and solid workflow, these services help you cater to your customers quicker and in the most convenient way possible. By integrating the right technologies and processes, they ensure your workforce can deliver outstanding customer experience.

These are some of the most notable benefits of investing in workflow and process management services.

Why opting for a Device management Service Provider is good for your business?

Device management is undoubtedly one of the most important tasks for every business organization in the present scenario. The better one can manage the devices that are being used at an organization, the more profit and productivity can be ensured. Keeping this in mind, there are many organizations that offer end to end device management services to SMBs as well as large scale businesses.


With a team of experienced service engineers who have years of hands-on experience, these service providers ensure fast and smooth multi-device support. Most of the service providers also guarantee efficient device management service and help free up the internal IT professionals so that they can concentrate upon the core business critical tasks. Taking help of a wide range of device management and monitoring tools, the team members constantly monitor the device infrastructure of their clients even from remote locations.

The key goal of these service providers is to ensure robust support, helping all your devices keep running smoothly, without any interruptions. They also use a central desktop dashboard for informing the clients of every single step and on request, these service providers share all the intelligent reports with each of the clients thoroughly.

Why should you invest in device management services?

While the importance of organized device management is quite evident amongst users, it’s important to know the exact benefits well in advance. If you are wondering why exactly you need to invest in these services, here are some of the reasons –

  • Assured customer satisfaction – Most of these service providers are equipped with a team of professionals who are well-versed with the minute aspects of device management. This enables them to provide you with the best possible solutions as well as maximum possible contentment.
  • Cost effective offers These service providers offer the best services at an absolutely affordable price. While crafting the device management strategies, they make it a point to follow the specific requirements of the client and design the service accordingly.

What are the key benefits & features of device management services?

Right from the embedded management applications for the small and medium businesses to the high end tools that are required to manage global enterprise infrastructure, tailor made device management solutions for all sorts of requirement are available in the industry. There are many service providers who have experts on board who can understand your exact requirement and then craft the strategy accordingly. If you are wondering what are the key benefits and features of this service, here is a brief list –

  • Automated meter readings that send accurate meter counts in real time
  • Improved device efficiency through proactive support
  • Detailed intelligent reports shared through desktop dashboard
  • Increased reliability through automated service call notifications, automated toner replacement and firmware upgrades
  • Environmental benefits through better fleet management
  • Green reports to underpin your sustainability policy
  • Device mapping that provides at-a-glance status view of thousands of devices

If you are planning to invest in device management service for your business, make sure you have a clear knowledge of what you need. This will help you approach the service providers more confidently.

How can you find out the right duplex printer for your business?

Duplex printing is one of the most notable features of multifunction printers and there are multiple benefits of this feature. Printing devices, equipped with this feature, allow printing on both the sides of a paper. Since users get to use both sides of a paper, it ensures less use of papers, reducing the cost of paper to nearly half. These devices are designed and manufactured in such a way that these automatically turn a paper over and get it printed on both the sides with the help of ARDF.


There is no doubt about the fact that a duplex printer can turn out to be extremely beneficial for businesses, irrespective of their size or the industry they cater to. If you are planning to invest in a duplex printer, you must be prepared to reap the maximum possible benefits out of it. But you can do that only if you select the right device for your business.

Here are some factors considering which will help you find the most apt duplex printer for your business –

  • Displays – The display of a printer always plays a vital role. Users can select menu options and/or communicate the printer status using this display of front panel. Although the typical displays consist of brief and simple character-based messages, there are high end printers that are equipped with colour LCD, sometimes along with touchscreen feature. Since a duplex printer is usually equipped with multiple advance features, it’s advisable to look for a high end display so that users can understand the different functionalities and access those as and when required. While checking out a device, be sure to look for factors like density, duplex option, colour, resolution and orientation.
  • Paper handling – If you have a clear idea of the total count of page you need to print every day, it will help you select the right printing device. Make sure the device you invest in can handle more number of papers than what you require to print. Remember the more the difference between these two, the better it will be as this will help minimize issues like paper loading.
  • Mobile printing – Integration with mobile printing is an absolute necessary component of the present day printing devices. Check out if the duplex printer you are planning to invest in supports mobile printing. You can consider looking for applications that work with different OS like iOS and Android. You can also look for a way to print through email or using a third party technology. Make sure the printing device can be paired with a mobile device so that the print jobs can be easily handled.

These are some of the most important factors which you should keep in mind while looking for a duplex printer for your business. Be sure to check out the price with different retailers in order to get the best possible deal. You can consider checking out deals online as well as visiting the retailers physically in order to understand the ongoing market trend.