Why investing in visual communication tools seems to be a profitable deal for businesses?

Just as they say, “A picture speaks a thousand words”, it becomes way easier to explain a concept through a picture than a thousand sentences. This scenario is quite true for businesses, irrespective of the industry they belong to. When it comes to explain a complex idea to your target audience or potential customers, a visual mode of communication seems to help you best. As compared to verbal communication, visual communication has always been considered as more effective.

Be it at a school classroom or be it at a huge conference room, the easier way to reach the audience and make them understand whatever you are saying is visual elements like illustrations, drawings and electronic images. This is why, business owners prefer to invest in visual communication tools like interactive whiteboards or flat panels and projectors. These are state of the art devices that ensure smooth visual communication.


If you are not sure why visual communication is more effective and how exactly investing in these tools will benefit your business, here is a logical explanation that you might want to go through –

  • Direct information delivery – While conveying some complicated information like statistics, it’s always better to explain it through a picture than saying it out. With a picture or an illustration, you can make your audience understand the information clearly and instantly. Moreover, it would also help them identify the most important piece of information in the entire lecture and make a note of the same. Using certain visual aids like projectors and interactive whiteboards, you will also be able to illustrate a complex idea in different dimensions.
  • More engaging mode of communication – According to several researches done on human behaviour, people tend to remember only 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. Quite interestingly, they tend to remember almost 80% of what they see. This is one of the main reasons why business owners are so inspired to make use of visual aids while sharing information. By displaying charts, diagrams, power point presentations and videos through projectors or IWBs, you can express the information in a more appealing and engaging manner, and without a doubt, the impact of the same will be way higher on the audience.
  • Improved credibility of message – Remember that an image not only helps grab the attention of your audience, but it also helps win their trust. With a video message or a visible data chart, you can improve the credibility of your message. For instance, if you are trying to promote your brand, going on speaking a few good words might not impress the audience enough. Whereas, an interesting video of your services and products will positively ensure a great response from your audience and you will be able to win their trust regarding the brand value. This is simply because eye ball retention and visual impact will remain in the memory of your audience. This ensures the credibility of whatever you want to convey is reinforced properly.

These are the main reasons why businesses consider it to be profitable to invest in state of the art visual communication tools like IWBs and projectors. Make sure you do a thorough market study about the different ranges of products available before investing into a particular one.

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Factors you should consider while buying a visual communications device like interactive whiteboard

Visual communications is one of the most important modes of communication in the present time across businesses of different industries. Considering the high effectiveness of visual communications, both SMBs and large scale businesses are ready to invest in equipment those help in smooth visual communication. Interactive whiteboard is one such effective equipment that helps ensure proper communication amongst businesses and their clients. If you are planning to implement a proper infrastructure in order to ensure effective communication, investing in an interactive whiteboard would be a wise decision. But then, finding out the right device for your business might be a bit tricky.


There are certain considerations that you need to make while making such an investment. Wondering what would be these considerations? Here is a list to check out –

  • Active screen area – This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while choosing an interactive whiteboard. There is a significant difference between the inactive screen area and active screen area. It’s important to take into account the active screen area while making the selection. Remember that active screen area is that area of the whiteboard which you can actually use for touchscreen interactions and other functional activities. It’s advisable to check the actual size of the screen of the device on your own before investing in it.
  • Dimension – Considering your budget for the device, you need to determine the dimension of it right at the beginning. Size is an important factor since it influences how the equipment can be used in the conference room. For instance, if you are planning to work with text-heavy resources on a small whiteboard and install it in a large conference room, this might turn out to be very challenging for you. It might even lead to situations when members at the back of the meeting room can’t see what is being shown on the whiteboard. Hence, be sure to determine the correct size as well as the shape of an interactive whiteboard (IWB) before investing into one.
  • Permanent or portable – This is an important decision that you have to make while choosing an interactive whiteboard. If you are planning to use the device always at the same place, you can opt for a permanent installation. On the other hand, if there are possibilities that the equipment will be used across several meeting rooms, investing in a portable solution would be wiser for you. However, there are pros and cons for both the types. Be sure to consider all these thoroughly before finalizing on any one option.

Apart from these factors, the durability of the device is considered to be an important consideration while choosing a particular model. Since this is a device that will be used exhaustively, probably every day for a long period of time, it’s important to invest in a durable model so that you don’t need to worry about its maintenance too frequently. Make sure you check the detailed features of the device thoroughly before investing in it.

Interactive Whiteboards: Why are they becoming increasingly popular?

Over the past few years, the popularity of visual communication tools has increased to a great extent across different industries. Right from classrooms to conferences, the need of effective communication is evident and that is why tools like interactive whiteboards and projectors have gained immense popularity. Since  interactive whiteboard have always been emphasized by entrepreneurs as well as corporates, it has become vital to invest in high quality projectors and whiteboards. Since these tools help eliminate the travel cost and time for employees, it leads to higher productivity.


While the use and benefit of projectors are quite known to all of us, interactive whiteboards are comparatively new in the industry. However, equipped with multiple advance features, these have turned out to be extremely popular tools. For educational institutions as well as business organizations, an visual communications acts as a device which helps improve communication, collaboration and learning. When compared with the traditional whiteboards, there are several advantages that users can enjoy while using an interactive whiteboard. Would like to take a look at some such benefits? Here is a short list –

  • Improved collaboration – When you integrate an interactive whiteboard to your office environment or a classroom, you can easily encourage the participants to collaborate. This allows the participants to take part in the discussion actively, and not just be passive recipient of information. One of the most amazing facts about interactive whiteboards is that these can be accessed by the participants who are taking part in a conference from a remote area. For instance, if you need to make four of your employees collaborate, who are physically located at different places, you can easily make this happen using an interactive whiteboard.
  • Greater involvement – One of the greatest advantages of using interactive whiteboards is that you can use visual contents like videos, graphics and pictures. This proves to be quite effective when you need to make your students or employees memorize something. Moreover, using visual content in a presentation also ensures better involvement of the participants. In a nutshell, an interactive whiteboard is an user friendly device that enables users to present the content in a customized and innovative fashion.
  • Better feedback – While conducting a training or a conference through an interactive whiteboard, students as well as team members can share their feedback or insights on a given topic instantly. Using the several interactive controls, they can ask and/or answer questions. This helps the instructor or the manager to recognize the areas of confusion and based on that, he can address those areas gradually.

These are the major benefits that users can enjoy while using an interactive whiteboard. Since these instructional tools are equipped with plenty of advance features, it becomes easier to convey the messages. By adding annotations, highlighting texts and adding notes or drawings, the presenter can make the content all the more interesting. Being equipped with these features, interactive whiteboards also act as effective pedagogical tools. Moreover, using an interactive whiteboard, the notes and images can be saved as well as printed. This ensures the participants of the conference don’t need to take notes during the discussion, which, in turn, enables them to concentrate on the session in a more engaged manner. If you are planning to invest in an interactive whiteboard, be sure to check whether or not it is equipped with these essential features.