Why You Should Be Interested To Invest In A Multifunctional Printer?

When businesses grow in size, their requirements keep on increasing alongside, and eventually they need to invest in an infrastructure that supports the growth perfectly. For instance, while SMBs can manage with printers, be it colour or black and white, it’s difficult for large corporate organizations to cope up with the multiple requirements using a basic printer. This is when they should invest in multifunctionals. These are smart devices that have been designed in such a way that these help perform multiple actions including printing, scanning, copying and sending faxes. In fact, there are also some businesses who think it’s wiser to invest in digital duplicators/priports. These devices are smart enough to print documents in different sizes, without compromising the quality. These devices are considered to be quite cost effective solutions which help improve the productivity of organizations, by offering high volume of copying at a high speed.

If your business is undergoing a phase of growth, and you are struggling a lot to cope up with the everyday needs, this is probably the high time to invest in a high end MFP. Not sure, why you need to do this? Here are some of the most interesting reasons –

  • Space saving – While investing in a multifunctional device, this is probably the best benefit to enjoy. Instead of arranging space for four different devices for printing, scanning, copying and sending faxes, you can handle it with one single device, and can save a lot of space. This seems to be extremely beneficial for those who are trying hard to make the most of the entire office space. The saved space can definitely be used for some other requirements more wisely.
  • Cost effective – Although the upfront cost of a MFP is a bit higher, it helps organizations save a lot of money in the long run. Since a single device can perform the functions of three or four devices together, the initial purchase price gets slashed down to a great extent. At the same time, the maintenance costs for one single device is way lesser than what you have to pay for maintaining four different devices. Hence, the repair jobs and fixes become less expensive.
  • Ease of use & convenience – If you have been using a traditional printer at your business, it surely doesn’t offer you the functions or features that an A3 colour MFP would include. These devices help you print documents in both A3 and A4 size, apart from performing the other tasks. In fact, if your business doesn’t require too much of colour printing, you can also consider investing in an A3 mono MFP. These machines are perfect for black & white printing requirements for both A3 and A4 documents.

While these are the most compelling reasons to invest in colour or black and white MFPs, you should also keep in mind that these smart devices help you save a lot of energy as well. Usually, these devices need just a single cord to power the entire unit, reducing the chances of cable clutter and minimizing the power consumption to a fair extent.


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