Colour Laser Printer in India

Laser printers are a more or less like photocopiers, as the technology used in the both are same. Colour laser printers use colored toner (dry ink) which includes cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK).Today, the standard resolution in most laser printers is 600 dots-per-inch (dpi) and which is appropriate for normal everyday printing. The capability of laser printers include very high quality print and printing unlimited variety of fonts. Though majority of the laser printers come with a basic set of fonts, called internal or resident fonts, but if one wants, additional fonts can be incorporated. Initially laser printers would cater to the office segment, however in the subsequent years they have also been developed for home segment markets. These laser printers are about five to ten times as expensive when compared to other printers.

Colour Laser Printer in India - Image 1

In the market there are various options to buy printers, however while purchasing one should keep key things in mind. When one is buying a printer one should check for the print resolution, quality of photo print, speed, operating cost, warranty etc. Text quality and graphics have the direct connect with the resolution of the print, one should always select a high end model which has a higher resolution. Also, the speed of the printer depends on how many pages a printer can output per minute.  For use in office atmosphere, one should always go for built in Wi-Fi printers, mobile print capabilities that let you save time.

Also, Ricoh SP C250DN Colour laser printer has a remarkable print speed of 21 ppm and Wi-Fi connectivity. The wireless system permits printing from mobile devices anywhere is your home and office. Additionally it also offers standard USB 2.0 and Ethernet connections, Duplex print speed of 12 ppm, Optional paper feed unit for total capacity of 750 sheets, 350 MHz CPU and 128MB RAM and is Energy star certified. Ricoh SP C250DN offers high –quality laser printing for small offices and work groups. One can easily download Ricoh Smart Device Print & Scan app to print to the SP C250DN straight from the mobile device. It provides up to 21 pages-per-minute in color, black-and-white or mixed output for consistent and has a reliable performance during every print job.


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