Multifunction Printers

Today when it comes to switching the printing as per the changing requirements, the business owners are looking for products which is reliable, flexible, and efficient yet at the same time is eco – friendly. In addition they are looking at products which reduces network traffic, saves space and enable them to standardize their printing fleet. In order to meet these requirements, the widely popular solution is of multifunction-printers (MFP).


A multifunction printer (MFP) is a compact and robust device which consolidates all three features of printer, scanner and copier making it a profitable and cost effective. Thus today MFP is widely seen as one stop solution for customers.

The evolved MFP allows one to connect through mobile devices or one could take a print by sending an email to device from anywhere.

Some of the advantages that Multifunction Printer offers are-:

  • Convenience – A multifunction printer is a 3 in 1 solution provider. For example one may not have purchased separate fax machine as it is not required regularly, however if there is a requirement a multifunction printer one could use the fax facility instead of investing later. Moreover it also provide the facility to scan an image and then with the same machine one could take the print that image.
  • Space Saving – One of the greatest benefits is space saving by installing multifunction printer. With a single machine, one could do printing, scanning, fax, copying and hence no need of installing 4 different machines. Thus make most of the available space and use it accordingly.
  • Cost saving – Another significant advantage of purchasing multifunction printer that with one device multiple facilities are provided. Though the multifunction printer can be expensive than a traditional printer however the total cost of purchasing different devices for multiple functions will be more expensive than purchasing multifunction printer. Last but not the least maintain one device will be less than maintain multiple devices for various functions
  • Power Saving – Typically, one requires one cord to operate multifunction printers which thereby reduces the cable congestion. Thus reducing the electricity to run the device.

This category has witnessed phenomenal growth due to increase acceptance from homes, SMEs etc and will continue growing due to many advantages attached to it.


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