Why Dedicated Server Hosting Is Essential for Businesses


High traffic portals, websites, and social media platforms that collect confidential information require servers that offer a combination of high security, vast storage, and minimal downtime. To meet your requirements, a dedicated server might prove to be your best bet. An affordable dedicated server can be a boon for your business, especially if you are planning to expand.

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Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds – What’s the difference?


Cloud computing has transformed from a niche solution to the standard way of running it in every enterprise. But the question that every company asks is which type of cloud would be the best fit for your company. To pick the right solution, one must understand the differences between the three main types of cloud: the public, private and hybrid cloud.

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Why investing in visual communication tools seems to be a profitable deal for businesses?

Just as they say, “A picture speaks a thousand words”, it becomes way easier to explain a concept through a picture than a thousand sentences. This scenario is quite true for businesses, irrespective of the industry they belong to. When it comes to explain a complex idea to your target audience or potential customers, a visual mode of communication seems to help you best. As compared to verbal communication, visual communication has always been considered as more effective.

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Why large corporates take interest in Continuous feed inkjet printers?

High volume inkjet printing is one of the most popular and leading industry trends that large corporates are following. It’s one of the fastest growing sectors of the digital printing industry. Highly efficient inkjet printers help organizations explore the endless opportunities in transactional communications, personalized catalogues, direct mails and colour books. Continuous feed inkjet printers are quite popular amongst the large corporate organizations who need to deal with high volume of printing tasks on a daily basis. Designed and manufactured based on state of the art technology, these printers ensure flawless and quick performance. According to the industry experts, these robust and ready-to-run machines are ideal solutions for the present printing environment which is quite converging and complex.

Investing in a high end printing solution like a continuous feed printer is a tricky task and there are several factors that you need to keep in mind. Apart from cost effectiveness, high speed and flexibility, you should also focus on the technology which has been used to design the device. For instance, printers that use low water content, pigmented ink and inkjet technology, can produce vibrant colours on a low cost. However, if you are planning to invest in a high end printing device like this, make sure you know the special features and benefits of it. Here is a brief list of the same to take a quick glance –

  • Utmost Flexibility – One of the most notable features of these high end device is that these are absolutely flexible. On-site conversion from monochrome to full colours is possible, as and when required. Moreover, users can select the fluids and speed that is suitable to the requirement. Later on, both can be changed according to the changing requirements.
  • Improved accuracy – These high end printers ensure accuracy in terms of print job estimation. Users can also monitor the ink usage with the help of the ink management suite. Most of the devices are equipped with MICR support in various monochrome or colour configurations using different combinations. Apart from these, users can also get PDF, PostScript, AFP or Intelligent Printer data stream support while using these devices.
  • User friendly – Continuous feed inkjet printers are designed in such a way that these printers are equipped with several user friendly features. For instance, these ensure low power consumption, thereby saving energy. The devices ensure lowest possible power consumption. Designed considering the present day space crunch, these high end printing devices come with minimum possible footprint. This helps maximize the floor space so that it can be better utilized. Moreover, the built-in AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) architecture of these devices helps ensure consistent, accurate and device-independent output, along with page level error recovery.

If your organization also needs to deal with wide format printing, you can consider investing in plotters for Cad Applications as well. Plotters are considered to be ideal for CAD (computer aided design) technical drawings, banners, project blueprints and architectural designs. These high end devices will help you handle all the technical printing needs with ease.

Selecting a Managed Print Service Provider: How can you do it with accuracy?

Managing bulk volume of hard copies of documents is probably the last thing that businesses would like to indulge in, in the present scenario. However, document management is an integral practice for every business, and this is why they prefer to deal with electronic documents. While there are many efficient document management software that help organize the documents in a central repository, from where users can access specific documents with ease, it often becomes difficult to keep a track of all the printing activities that take place within an organization. Managed print services is an advance service that business owners prefer to invest in these days. This service ensures control over all the printing tasks that are conducted at an organization.


MPS is a service by opting for which you can rest assured of the proper monitoring and management of organizational printing jobs. When you can keep a check on the printing activities and can also monitor those closely, it not only helps you cut the operational costs to a great extent, but also boost up the productivity significantly.

While the benefits of hiring managed print services are pretty obvious, it’s important to choose the service provider carefully. While doing the scanning for a reliable service provider keep it in mind choosing a company that offers exactly what you need would be the wisest decision. If you are not sure how can you finalize a service provider, here are some factors that you need to keep in mind –

  • Sharing the same goals – While signing the deal with a MPS provider, look for someone whose goals are quite similar to yours. For instance, if you look for result-driven strategies and love to focus on the final output, above everything, make sure your service provider also thinks in the same line. Ideally, it should be your target to optimize the print environment of your organization so that you can improve the employee productivity and ensure better end users experience. Remember that the MPS must have some tangible objectives and the ultimate objective should be to make the experience of printing hassle free.
  • Consistent performance – The service provider should design the MPS strategies in such a way that you can experience consistent improvement in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Check if they are ready to address the constantly evolving business requirements so that you can serve your target customers better and provide them with accurate workflow solutions. Consistency is always the core element for establishing a genuine structure for your business and a lack in that can disrupt your workflow to a great extent.
  • Assistance in Mobile printing – With the advancement of technology, most of the organizations have embraced mobile printing. If you are on the same boat, be sure to look for service providers who are experienced in mobile printing. They must provide you with smart strategies and services that are aligned with the expectations of your target customers. Mobile printing is a smart practice that allows users to print documents using mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. Also remember to check if they are familiar with the idea of BYOD printing if it’s a trend in your organization. Ultimately, it’s the function of the MPS providers to collaborate with users and ensure a smooth and flawless process.
  • Improved productivity – When you sign a deal with a MPS provider, you can expect to experience improved productivity. Apart from offering the generalized printing solutions, a MPS provider should help make the printing process more efficient and simpler. They should analyse the information regarding the printers to check if any sort of improvements can be made to the process. Like every other business, yours too, must have some unique requirements which should be treated individually. This is why, they should pay attention to the minute aspects and comprehend the loopholes of your printing environment. Based on that, they can craft tailor made strategies for you.

These are four of the most important aspects that you should keep in mind while planning to hire a managed print service provider. However, remember one of the main objectives of investing in MPS is to control and reduce the printing costs. Hence, make sure the service provider can ensure the same for you.

How can you recognize the most efficient Managed Print Services Provider?

Gaining complete visibility and taking control over the entire printing job is an important requirement for all the business organizations in the present scenario. It’s true that in order to run a business successfully, you need to follow certain practices religiously and it is one of those practices. Keeping a check of the printing activities and monitoring those closely help a business owner not only save a great deal of money but also boost up the productivity to a significant extent. This is why businesses these days prefer to opt for Managed Print Services (MPS) wherein they can rest assured of the proper monitoring and management of organizational printing jobs. Moreover, these service providers also help ensure environmental sustainability and document security.

While it’s customary for a reliable service provider to provide you with all the essential services, it’s important to check the details well in advance from your end. While signing the deal with a service provider, make sure you are assured of their credibility. Here is a checklist of factors following which you will be able to figure out whether or not a service provider is going to provide you with all your requirements –

  • How do they proceed? – First off, you need to check with them how exactly they are going to deal with your business requirements. It’s advisable to analyse the overall printing agenda of your business and then come up with some tailor-made solutions. They should conduct a minute and up-front assessment so that they can understand the existing printing architecture properly. Remember the fact that they should monitor, manage and optimize the entire print output environment thoroughly.
  • Are they ready to customize? – Although there are certain basic solutions that are applicable for all businesses, your business must have some unique requirements. Figure out if they are willing to recognize that requirement and provide you with the relevant solutions accordingly. Make sure they are ready to figure out the potential problems and ensure the supplies according to your exact business requirement. Ask if they will provide you with a definite roadmap following which you will be able to reduce the type and number of printing devices that are being used currently.
  • How are they going to improve your business? – The service provider should help you reduce the environmental footprint by ensuring less energy consumption and less paper prints. They should also make it a point to improve the business processes so that you can save both money and time. It’s customary for a reliable service provider to ensure secure and easy printing access for your mobile workers. Also check if they will help train your employees regarding MPS so that they can experience a smooth transition through change management.

These are some of the most important factors following which you will be able to find the most reliable MPS provider. Be sure to check if they offer IT integration and network management. If required, you can also check if they have a proven track record of deploying the managed print services successfully

Why investing in a digital copier can be the best bet for your business?

A copier is probably one of the most essential components of a business environment in the present-day digital era. Right form the SMBs to the large corporate businesses, every business organization has to deal with copying activities. This is why investing in MFD copier is quite a common trend amongst business owners. Using a multi-functional device, you can make the important documents available for remote access as well as circulate those around the organization. If you are presently struggling with several individual devices for copying, printing and scanning, you can smartly replace all of them with a digital copier that is equipped with multiple features.

If you are looking for a robust copier and want to invest into one, in order to improve the organizational efficiency, you need to know about the key features of these advance devices.

  • No need of skilled manpower – The present day MFD copiers are designed and manufactured in such a way that you don’t need skilled manpower to operate these. Once a task order is released, the device can detect it smartly and can run the operation on its own. Moreover, before installing a device like this at your office, you don’t need to organize training sessions for your employees. Due to the smooth and interactive user interface, they can get familiar with the different features of it on their own.
  • Chances of hazards are less – The modern day copiers are designed in a user friendly fashion. This ensures while accessing the device, the users are not caused any disturbance or hindrance. These devices are intelligent enough to understand the potential threats and can restrict the ultimate loss automatically. This way, these devices prevent any kind of harm to the users.
  • Infrastructure required – In order to run a MFD copier, you don’t need to arrange a robust infrastructure. While performing, these devices don’t generate any kind of heat. Since no cooling equipment is mandatory for running these devices, the operational cost gets reduced. Moreover, these smart devices consume very less amount of power, thereby not causing a high electricity expense.
  • Eco friendly – When you invest in a state of the art MFD copier, you can rest assured of taking a green initiative. These smart devices are designed in such a way that these cause hardly any damage to the environment, ensuring you can make use of these devices without any tension. These devices are equipped with features like duplex energy mode and educed start-up time, ensuring efficient operation. So, if you are planning to set up a green working environment, without causing any damage to the environment, investing in a digital copier would be your best bet.

These are some of the most remarkable features of a digital copier. Most of these devices can perform multiple tasks including copying, printing, scanning and sending faxes. Hence, if you are looking for a cost effective solution that will help you deal with multiple business activities, investing in a MFD copier can be really beneficial for you.

Interesting features of a MFD copier you need to know about

Copying machines of the past times have undergone a major evolution and the present breed of copiers are significantly different from them. Depending upon the ever changing requirement of users, these devices have to undergo several modifications so that these can be utilized to the fullest. A copier is an extremely essential device for any business set up and it has to be capable of handling multiple tasks from different users within a hectic office environment. Hence, the copier you want to invest in must be efficient enough to deal with all the copying activities. While a copier needs to produce quantity, it shouldn’t be compromising with the quality as well. This is where a present day digital copier seems to be the best solution.


In the present era, there are many organizations who understand the actual need of the users and manufacture highly competent MFD copiers that are capable to handle multiple tasks. A significant upgrade for a digital copier can improve the value of the printed materials of a business organization significantly. If you are planning to invest in a MFD copier, you should know the varied range of features with which these devices are equipped. Let’s take a look at the list –

  • >High competency – MFD copiers are extremely high quality devices that can handle a huge number of papers. Usually, the range goes up to around 3,100 sheets and there are some devices that allow manual tray filling. This ensures users can customize the capacity according to their requirement. These printers are designed and manufactured in such a way that these can print multiple copies after scanning a document for once. This helps maximize the output performance. These devices also enable users to control the usage by setting copy quotas for a certain number of users.
  • User friendly features – Digital copiers are endowed with advance copy features like page designation, stamping and cover insertion. These help reduce the manual interaction, thereby freeing up your organizational resources. Moreover, this also helps increase the productivity to a great extent. Features like rotate sorting or electronic sorting helps deliver complete document sets, thereby eliminating manual collation. Most importantly, these devices help store and retrieve the documents on-site with the help of a built-in document server. Some of these devices are also equipped with optional 50 sheet ARDF. This helps in automatic feeding of documents at a certain engine speed.
  • Multi-functionality – One of the most significant traits of MFD copiers is that these can perform multiple tasks. This is the most important reason why most of the businesses rely on these devices. A robust MFD copier can be utilized as a printer, a scanner, a fax machine and a document repository. Equipped with multiple features and built following advance technologies, these devices ensure smooth performance.

These are some of the most important features of digital copiers. These state of the art devices ensure quite long service life, without creating a high maintenance cost. Make sure you do a thorough research before investing in such a device.

What you need to know about Follow Me printing?

Follow me printing is one of the latest trends that have become quite popular over the past few years. Because of the security and convenience that follow me printing offers, it has become a prominent trend in different print environments, and especially in the enterprise and education segment. This is a new age printing solution which provides the users with higher flexibility as well as better control over the print jobs. This trend also helps reduce the amount of waste by making the printing assignments more specific and minute.


What you need to know about follow me printing?

Basically, follow me printing is an advance method of printing wherein the user can control the printing jobs. The user has to initiate the print job from any system and after that, once the user is physically present in front of the designated printer, he/she can execute the printing tasks using different authentication protocols.

This advance printing technique enables users to release and roam their print job from any output device that is enabled properly. They can also print to a shared print queue. This helps maintain the confidentiality of the data that is being printed and also helps reduce the waste from the documents that are usually left uncollected. In case a printer is malfunctioning or completely out of service, users can release the print jobs from the next printer that is available, without hampering the productivity.

Key benefits of Follow Me printing

There are reasons why organizations, across the industries, prefer to opt for Follow Me printing. This method helps protect data and reduce the costs significantly and ensures a flexible printing environment. Here is a list of the specific benefits in detail; take a quick look –

  • Print roaming – Following this method, users can release the print jobs from any printing device that is Follow Me enabled. They can also avoid any kind of disruption, even if the designated printer is out of service or busy. Most importantly, users don’t need to configure any print applications on their laptop or personal computers.
  • Delegated printing – Follow Me printing offers flexibility to all those users who require to share the print jobs with delegated printing. In case a printing job needs to be done on someone’s behalf, it can easily be done without anyone’s assistance. For instance, assistants can handle a printing assignment on behalf of their managers without taking help from the IT professionals. The departments can also sustain the overall productivity even during employee absence.
  • Personal printing – With Follow Me printing, personal printing experience reaches the next level. Every user gets to enjoy a personalized printing experience. This ensures they can handle confidential printing without worrying about security issues. They can print a document, containing sensitive information, on a shared device. Moreover, they don’t need to rush to the printer for collecting the confidential documents, as soon as the printing is done.

These are some of the most relevant benefits of Follow Me printing and keeping these in mind, many organizations are opting for this new age printing solution.

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